Welcome to my photography portfolio! My name is Evert-Jan “E-J” van den Berg, a Dutch guy living in wonderful Copenhagen!

I’m a passionate hobby photographer who specializes in creating beautiful photos full of sensual energy.

As an artist, I believe that photography is a powerful way to capture the beauty and energy of the human form. I love working with models who share this belief and are willing to explore their sensuality through photography. Whether you’re looking to capture a soft and intimate moment or a bold and expressive pose, I’m excited to work with you to create stunning images that showcase your unique personality and style.

I bring a lot of positive energy to my photoshoots, and I’m committed to creating a comfortable environment where models feel empowered and confident. I believe that the best photos come from a collaborative process, and I’m always open to hearing your ideas and suggestions to ensure that we create images that you’ll love.

Please reach out to me any time if you are interested in a shoot or just want to hear more.

E-mail:  ej@ej-dk.dk